01. I don't know what you mean. Can you be a bit more [specific] about what problems your car is having?
02. If you look at the [specifications] for this new sound system, you will see that they are quite impressive.
03. Politicians never get very [specific] about what they will do if elected because they don't want to make too many promises they can't keep.
04. This dictionary is not made for any [specific] language level; it can be used by anyone studying English, from the beginner to the advanced learner.
05. You need to be more [specific] about what the problem is before I can help you.
06. The directions [specify] how the medicine is to be used.
07. This is the first time that a political party has done advertising [specifically] aimed at minority voters.
08. Martial arts star Bruce Lee once observed that in life you must absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is [specifically] your own.
09. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that one dog barks at something [specific], and then a hundred bark at the sound.
10. Gasoline has no [specific] freezing point; it freezes at any temperature between -180 and -240 degrees Fahrenheit.
11. We can describe most things in our environment at a variety of levels of abstraction, from very broad and general categories, to very narrow and [specific] terms.
12. We didn't [specify] a time exactly, but we'll probably meet at the restaurant around noon.
13. The U.S. plan clearly [specifies] a time frame for withdrawal of its troops from the area.
14. The television report stated that many people had died, but didn't [specify] the exact number.
15. Our new contract [specifies] that we have to be notified a week in advance of any unscheduled meetings.
16. Your agreement [specifies] that the student loan must be repaid within three months of graduating if you want to avoid paying interest.
17. We [specified] to the company that we would not pay for any merchandise that was damaged en route.
18. I've heard a number of general statements about the problem, but now I want the [specifics].
19. An [unspecified] number of people were injured in a big accident on the highway.
20. This new drug targets [specific] cancer cells and kills them without harming any healthy cells.
21. This illness appears to be [specific] to children under the age of five.
22. We need to draw up some general guidelines for the project before we start getting down to [specifics].
23. She bought the dress [specifically] for her high school graduation ceremony.
24. Is there anything [specific] that you want me to pick up for supper or should I just get whatever is on sale?

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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